Self directed, purposeful and compensated personal development

The business and corporate world has changed drastically over the past decade. No longer has a college degree earned the aspiring graduate a ticket to a high paying 40 hour work week, sexy benefits and secure retirement.

The V.P. of a very well known auto maker in Marysville, OH expressed his concern with college graduates. We spoke for several hours covering topics on leadership, people skills and a willingness to be an independent thinker.

“More students today are simply robots who wait to be told what to do and remain extremely indecisive when it comes to important decisions,” I recall him stating. ” We need to change what the education system is pumping out into the work force.”

LIFE Leadership provides leadership and personal development material on an ongoing monthly basis in the form of subscriptions (4 Audios + 1 Book) for $50. The person who chooses to enroll as a student/customer can earn his subscription for free by simply helping 3 others enroll in a subscription of equal value. NO BRAINER!

“You become with whom you associate,” if we intend to change our results, we need to be sure we are following those who have the fruit on the tree.

LIFE leadership will be mainstream and businesses around the world will expect their employees and professionals to participate in self directed personal development.

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Here’s to making a difference and leaving this country a better place.